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Supplementary Scores



A Supplemental Score is a stroke play score returned at the Player’s Home club, other than in a Qualifying Competition, and adjusted under Clause 19.8 of the Unified Handicapping System.


To provide additional opportunity for the return of scores for handicap purposes by those players who

o cannot participate in club competitions because of work, education or family
o cannot obtain, on a regular basis, an acceptable starting time on competition
o wish a handicap reflective of current ability and have little desire, for whatever
reason, to play in formal competition.
o to allow members with ‘starred’ (lapsed) handicaps to get their handicap
re-instated as quickly as possible.


This is confined to Players in handicap categories 2, 3 and 4 who returned ten or less scores in 2017.

The following conditions apply:

o A Player intending to return a Supplemental Score will be required to signify his
intention prior to the commencement of play.
o A Supplemental Score may only be returned over our Home course, Lochgreen or Darley.
o An acceptable score for Supplemental Score purposes is any authenticated
score other than in a Qualifying Competition returned under stroke play
conditions over a measured course e.g. the score can be returned from Yellow
Tees provided that a Standard Scratch Score (SSS) has been allocated by Scottish Golf.
o No CSS will be calculated and adjustments to handicap will be made in relation
to the SSS.
o Scores returned will be subject to Clause 19.8 adjustment.
o The Supplemental Score is recorded in the Player’s Handicap Record Sheet
and any adjustment in handicap (up or down) made in the usual manner.
o A maximum of 7 Supplemental Scores may be returned per annum, with no
more than one such score being returned each calendar month during the
period 1st April to 31st October inclusive.
o The acceptance of any Supplemental Score is at the discretion of the Club and
returns will be subject to Clause 19 application if ‘manipulation’ is suspected.

Entry Procedure

PRIOR to going out on the course, members MUST inform the Secretary when the round will take place. In addition, they MUST declare to the marker of the card (who MUST be a member of a recognised golf club) that they are returning the card for handicap purposes.

Supplemental Score cards should be marked as such, should include the date of the round and the tees used. All Supplemental scorecards, including ‘No Returns’ must be returned to the Secretary upon completion of play. Failure to return the score card could result in members’ handicaps being increased as the lack of a score card will be deemed as a ‘No Return’ and will result in an automatic handicap increase.

Supplemental Scores will be recorded in the Club’s Handicap Records as away scores, albeit it is recognised that the round has been played over our home course.

It should be noted that, although not the prime purpose of the Extra Day Score trial, those scores returned will ‘count’ towards the three qualifying scores required under Clause 17.6 to retain an official CONGU Unified Handicapping System Handicap.