Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club


Year Tour Championship Winter Eclectic Gross Winter Eclectic Nett

2022 Paul Roberts John Tanner Andrew Chapman
2021 Nick Moore Andrew Chapman Paul Roberts
2020 Andrew Chapman Andrew Chapman Paul Roberts

Year Spring Cup The Captains Cup (Gents) Captains Challenge Cup (Ladies)
Danny Chilton Robina Gilbertson
2022 -*** Paul Pritchard -***
2021 Sheena Hope Glen Moulds Fay Alexander
2020 -* Doug Hollingworth Robina Gilbertson

*not competed for due to COVID 19

Year Ryder Cup** PCGC Scramble Autumn Leaves Trophy (Ladies)

2022 C. Hughes/J. Tanner
T. Chamber/A. Wilson
Al. Chapman/J. Tanner
T. Chambers/C. Hughes
Fay Alexander
2021 -* An. Chapman/S. Hainey
A. Errington/N. McMurtirie
Elza Chapman
2020 -* An. Chapman/S. Hainey
D. Alexander/F. Alexander
Robina Gilberston

*not competed for due to COVID 19

**change in format and teams for 2022 season

***no entries