Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club


PCGC Ryder Cup

Changed format for the 2022 season to a team event competed in teams of 2, 3 or 4 where representation is for a department, watch etc. Limit to 1 entry per person but each department, watch etc can be represented more than once. With who you are representing clearly stated before entry and again like the previous PCGC Ryder Cup format anyone can play for anyone.

PCGC Scramble

Held on the same day as the Ryder Cup and in the same spirit of the Ryder Cup. Texas Scramble format in randomly drawn teams of 2, 3 or 4 (depending on numbers) held either before or after the PCGC Ryder Cup

Spring Cup

The Spring Cup is held at Glenluce Golf Club every year and historically was a ladies only competition but after the club rebranded, renamed and amalgamated (the ladies and gents sections) in 2020 became open to every member. It is also a non counting competition.

Captains Trophies

The Captains Trophies are competed for on the same day as the Club Championship and are split between the Ladies and Gentlemen members. The Ladies compete for the Captains Challenge Cup and the Gents compete for the Captains Trophy

Autumn Leaves Trophy

The Autumn Leaves Trophy is a ladies only competition held on the same day as the Presidents Plate. As part of the competition ladies members will wherever possible be grouped and tee off together 

European Controllers Golf Championship (ECGC)

Although not affiliated to PCGC the European Controllers Golf Championship is a competition that brings together the Air Traffic Management community to compete in a yearly golf championship that has been held throughout Europe. Prestwick Centre has competed in this event since 2016 and employees since its creation in 1988.

More details can be found here

Tour Championship

Introduced as the Captains Series in 2018 by then standing Captain Andrew Chapman to encourage participation in monthly medals. Name Changed for the 2021 season to differentiate with the Ladies Captains Challenge Cup and the Gents Captains Cup.

Full details of the Tour Championship can be found here

Winter Series

Introduced in 2019 by standing Secretary Ian Kemp to encourage and promote a fun winter competition held over the winter when no other competitions are held. For those wishing to join the club in the following year temporary membership can be granted to allow entry into the Winter Series before membership fees are paid.

Full details of the Winter Series can be found here