Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club


The club has four major competitions that are held annually at various locations around Scotland these are the Redbrae Cup, Celebration Trophy, Club Championship and the Presidents Plate

Each of the competitions will be stableford competitions off full handicap with the exception of the Club Championship which will be the lowest gross score on the day (the Captains Trophies will be run concurrently and will be a stableford competitions off full handicap and split between male and female members)

Dates and venues of the Majors can be found on the clubs home page under fixture list

Major - Redbrae Cup

The oldest Trophy competed for within PCGC. The original trophy dates back to before 1973 and the clubs formation (more details of which can be found here)

Major - Club Championship (& Captains Trophies)

The Club Championship is the most important Trophy competed for within PCGC. It was was first contested in 1973 (founding year of the Club), the winner being Tom Currie from Oceanic Comms

The Male Captain’s Trophy was presented by Doug Hollingworth to mark the Silver Jubilee of the Club in 1998

Major - Celebration Trophy

Celebration of all the past and present members of the Club who have supported and contributed to the continuing existence of the Club. At the end of 2019 the Club retired some trophies and this day is also to celebrate these great competitions and trophies that have provided the Club and it members many wonderful experiences and memories (more details of retired trophies can be found here

Major - Presidents Plate (& Autumn Leaves Trophy)

Donated to the club by the new President Andrew Chapman in 2020.

The Autumn Leaves Trophy is held for Ladies Members Only...