Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club

History 2020+


  • Golden Jubilee Year - Special event to be held at Western Gailes in April
  • 1st & 2nd class singles it was decided that since these 2 competitions had not been played for since before the name change and rebranding to PCGC due covid 19 it was decided at the AGM not to run these competitions on an ongoing basis


  • Ryder Cup - The Ryder Cup was created to help with integration at Prestwick Centre after the closure of Manchester Area Control Centre and the relocation of Scottish and Oceanic Area Control Centres. It was a yearly competition between Scotland and England/Rest of the World. Held in a fun and inviting manner where both sides have had members of the opposite countries competing for them. The Cup was contested over one day and usually took the format of Greensomes in the morning and Singles Match Play in the afternoon. It was felt by the committee and agreed at the 2022 AGM that the competition had run its course and achieved its objective of integrating in a fun and inviting manner. At the AGM it was agreed a new format would be introduced where teams would compete in groups of 2,3 or 4 and compete for the Ryder Cup from there respective watches or departments with no limits of teams being entered or who you represent (anyone can play for anyone like the previous PCGC Ryder Cup format), it just needs to be stated who you are 'playing for' on entry. 


  • Captains Series renamed as the Tour Championship to differentiate it with the Ladies Captains Challenge Cup and the Gents Captains Cup
  • Aidan Long & John Tanner win the Ayrshire Fourball Championships representing PCGC, more details can be found here


  • World Handicap System introduced by the SGU and implemented by the Club
  • Challenging season for the first year as PCGC with the season being reduced due to COVID 19 however the club still managed to run 2 of the years Majors and a full set of fixtures for the Captains Series (renamed Tour Championship for 2021 season)
  • Due COVID 19 all fixtures for the Captains Series were competed round Belliesle or Seafield Golf Courses
  • CAAGS Rebranded and club name changed to Prestwick Centre Golf Club

  • CAAGS celebrated by creation of new outing where the Celebration Trophy is competed for and celebrates all the past and present members (and competitions) of the Club who have supported and contributed to the continuing existence of the Club.
  • New progressive and inclusive constitution introduced
  • website goes live