Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club

Four Ball

Handicap Four Ball Competition with 90% Handicap Allowance against the lowest Handicap player. 

All entries received by the date determined by the Committee shall be entered in an unseeded Draw Sheet.

Both parties should make an attempt at organising the tie if one party makes more of an effort than the other they should be awarded the tie

Committee has final decision

Result of the tie should be informed to Secretary when match is completed


Runner Up: 


1st Round
By 16th June
Quarter Final
By 31st July
Semi Final
By 18th September
By 30th October
Roberts & Kemp

Long & Tanner
Sharpe & Chilton
Pritchard & Rainford
Ashcroft & Chapman

Haldane & Stewart

Chapman & Chapman

Wilson & Hughes

Alford & Ford

Moore & Whitelaw

Robinson & Wharton