Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club

Match Play Rules

The Challenger is the top name in the drawn, the Opponent is the bottom name

Matches to be played over Darley or Lochgreen from the White Tees with the challenger having the choice.

Other tees at Darley or Lochgreen, or other venues may only be used by mutual consent 

If an appropriate date cannot be mutually agreed the Challenger must provide 3 reasonable dates for his Opponent otherwise the Opponent will progress to the next round. If the opponent cannot meet these dates, he will concede the match

If a match is not played by the notified date, the Opponent will advance to the next round unless the Challenger has complied with the above

The winner of the tie, whether played or by default, must inform the PCGC Secretary as soon as possible after completion of the tie. If the result of a match has not been notified to the Secretary by the completion date, it will be the Opponent who will progress

Only under exceptional circumstance will an extension be granted for the playing of any tie, if a player has any problems with the playing of a tie by the due date, it is incumbent upon them to contact the Sectretary for guidance.